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Hypnotherapy and Children/Teens

Hypnotherapy for young people who have good self awareness, reasonable comfort in talking about their feelings, and a good ability to focus. Beyond that, I would like to ensure that we set your son up for success. For hypnotherapy to be maximally effective, your son should be open to the idea of coming for hypnotherapy, and ideally should have a positive view that it has the potential to help him. He should also be keen to lessen his anxiety. This internal motivation is key. I recommend for both you and him to read our article on using hypnotherapy for anxiety, and then booking a session only if he feels like a right fit. Here's the article:

Another key consideration is this -- the way a young person learns to interact with the world and to manage stress is largely based on the modeling from their parents. A holistic view takes these inputs into consideration. As such, you may examine whether you feel you as the father can make any positive changes to be able to show up better as a guide and role model. If you think there may be some potential there, I recommend using hypnotherapy for yourself before bringing in your son.

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