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What is Personal Growth Work?

Personal growth is taking your journey to wholeness beyond what we typically think of as "therapy", and into the realms of self-exploration, personal transformation, emotional freedom, self-mastery, and self-actualization.

Personal growth work can include:

  • Discovering why you think, feel, and act the way you do, and developing the skills to make changes as you decide to

  • Examining your beliefs and assumptions and developing the skills to change the ones you choose to

  • Exploring the nature of mind, consciousness, and spirituality

  • Exploring themes of meaning, purpose and passion, and finding right-livelihood that feeds you both emotionally, spiritually and financially

How is Personal Growth Normally Treated in a Psychotherapy Context?

It typically isn't.


Since psychotherapy follows the mainstream pathology-disorder model, most psychotherapists aren't particularly prepared to work with clients on really improving their lives. Psychotherapy is focused on analyzing and unpacking problems, whereas personal growth requires going beyond problems and elevating to higher levels of engagement. This requires working with concepts and techniques designed to activate your full human potential and to cultivate a life grounded in purpose, meaning, and wisdom.

How are we different? What can you get with us that you won't find elsewhere?

Our therapeutic frameworks are grounded in the assumption that you are being on a path of clearing obstacles and tapping into your inner potential so that you can lead a life of greatness, should you choose to.

Our healing and transformation frameworks are based in wisdom traditions that call each of us into life paths of continuous learning and growth so that we can ultimately become elders in our communities and give back to the world.

We are actively engaged in driving our own personal evolution, and there's nothing we love more than sharing what we've learned with those who are also eager to walk through life in this way.


We believe that the best and only path forward toward a healed and healthy world is for more and more of us to step into self-healing, self-mastery, and fulfilling our potential.

We are here in fulfillment of our own potential, sharing, teaching, and guiding others to theirs.

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