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How is counseling normally done?

Counseling is normally a talking relationship between a client and a counselor that may range from just a few sessions, to multiple sessions over a period of weeks, months or years.

There is no one type of counseling, as each counselor folds in their unique background, education, personality and style to develop their unique approach.


What's typically missing in more mainstream approaches to counselling is your counsellor may have completed a course of study to administer the counselling without ever having experienced real healing and breakthroughs in their own life, which makes it very difficult for them to be a reliable resource for making lasting changes and developing wisdom for you the client.

How is holistic coaching different than regular counseling?​

Like any good counseling, holistic counseling incorporates the best available techniques for mental and emotional exploration and transformation. And while we don't use hypnosis in our counseling sessions, our first-hand understanding of the subconscious mind allows us to bring deeper, richer, and more holistic perspectives and insights to your experience because of. Because we take the whole mind into consideration, including the subconscious mind, our approach is truly holistic.

Holistic counseling using a hypnotherapeutic lens allows us to work with you to identify the roots of your mental and emotional experiences in a shorter amount of time than most other counseling approaches. Additionally, many of the powerful techniques that we use in hypnotherapy can actually be used in the waking state as well. We can teach you to use techniques on  yourself so you are empowered to continue your healing work outside of session time and beyond your course of counseling.

Specific therapeutic activities used in our holistic counseling sessions include:

  • Guided self-inquiry to uncover your core values, drives, and limiting or negative assumptions and beliefs

  • Guided self-inquiry into your thoughts and feelings

  • Examination of and feedback on your lifestyle components – familial, social, nutritional, environmental, occupational, spiritual, etc.

  • Active, guided reframing of situations, events, themes and dynamics in your life

  • Providing you with perspective and context to remove judgment, shame and guilt

  • Reworking limiting perspectives and assumptions

  • Teaching you self-management techniques informed by the latest science on resilience

  • Emotional education so you better understand your feelings and what to do with them


These sessions often include homework and practices to continue outside the sessions. As with everything we do, our goal is your transformation; greater connection to self, others and the world; and moving out of limited, unexamined automatic responses and into an open, spacious relationship to your thoughts and feelings.

Who is holistic coaching for?​

Life rarely stands still, and when it does, chances are your mind does not. Whether you’re looking for a total overhaul of your thoughts and emotional patterns, for support through a life transition, or simply to fine-tune and improve your level of resilience and skillfulness in dealing with life, holistic counseling can help.

Do I need to be doing hypnotherapy sessions too?​

Absolutely not. These sessions stand on their own.

What if I am already coming for hypnotherapy?​

Our holistic counseling sessions are great adjunct sessions to work on goal setting, accountability, and deep, guided inquiry into your thoughts, emotions, and feelings. These are powerful sessions designed for immediate turnarounds on conflicting or difficult thoughts and perspectives that are no longer serving you.​

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