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Andrew Gentile, Founder

Andrew Nolan, Founder

"It's my passion to help people come into balance with themselves and the world they live in."

"To be truly effective in these times you need to heal and you need a framework for developing unshakeable clarity, calm, and wisdom. This is our work together."

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Specializing in Anxiety, Depression and Trauma

Hypnotherapy is Proven to Help You Resolve Your Anxiety, Bringing You into a sense of Clarity, Calm, and Personal Power.

We Help You Heal Your Individual Pasts and Learn the Skills, Frameworks, and Tools that Allow You Both to Show Up with Clarity, Compassion, Empathy, and Open Minds. 

Hypnotherapy Helps You Release the Negative Thinking Patterns, Bad Habits, and Old Memories that Negatively Limit Your Mind and Contribute to Your Depression.

We Get to the Heart of Your experience, Help You Let Go of What Doesn´t Serve You, and Build the Resilience and Flexibility You Need to Feel Whole. Our Approach is Natural, Individual, and Deeply Experiential. 

On-the-Ground, Real World Experience Means We Provide Actual Solutions for You that Mainstream Talk Therapy Cannot Offer.

Conscious, Therapeutic Use of Psychedelics is Cutting-Edge, Incredibly Effective, and is a Container for Making Deep New Connections to Yourself and the World.

Train to Perform Better, Feel Less Stress, and Improve Your Relationships. Let's Get You Sorted.

Here's Most Everything You Need to Know Before Scheduling Your First Call with Us.

After Healing from Your Past, It's Time to Build Resilience, Self-Empowerment, and Have the Bigger Experiences of Yourself You Know You're Ready.

Professional Trainings

For anyone wanting to incorporate powerful techniques into their own lives and even share them with others.

We have graduates successfully using powerful Hypnotherapy Techniques and Holistic Mental Health frameworks in their roles as Psychotherapists, Counsellors, Social Workers, Acupuncturists, Yoga Teachers, Human Resource Managers, Coaches, and Massage Therapists.

Photo of Spring Haughton of Brooklyn Hypnotherapy Testimonial

What I did not expect but should have, is how much work we each did on ourselves, how much we each transformed. These guys begin, continue and end with love and compassion – what other way is there to do this beautiful healing work. 

Photo of Linda Carter of Birmingham Hypnotherapy Testimonial

Their training goes far beyond most hypnotherapy training courses...this allowed me to hit the ground running, equipped to immediately begin helping people facing the most serious challenges.

Photo of Candace Roberts Hypnotherapist Testimonial

Candace Roberts

The training was so engaging and supportive. I was able to lovelingly dismantle some of my most troublesome childhood patterns and now I feel fully equipped to utilize and share these same tools with my clients. I’m utterly grateful.

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