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Welcome to San Francisco Hypnotherapy

and Consciousness Based Solutions, Inc.

We are a mission driven social enterprise committed to transforming the way people think, feel, and live. We work with clients across North America one-on-one in private sessions and in group formats through local and international trainings and workshops. We are committed to helping people develop the skills and the wisdom they need to transform their lives. 


We collaborate with other for-profit, non-profit and governmental organizations, to develop effective and cutting edge holistic mental health programs and educational initiatives. 

Along with our work in the Bay Area, we are excited to be continuing our multi-year collaboration in Canada with the Horizons Program at Upper Canada College, teaching stress reduction, emotional intelligence and self-regulation skills to youth from priority neighbourhoods.  We are also excited about our developing collaboration in 2020 with the Toronto Inuit Association.

We continue to connect and align with communities in Nunavut through our work with the Municipality of Cambridge Bay and the Arctic Rose Foundation. Through these relationships we are contributing models of individual and collective healing to Inuit-driven conversations and initiatives already unfolding around decolonization and healing.  

We are excited to continue hosting both our intensive Hypnotherapist Training Programs and Personal Healing Retreats in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Learn more about all the opportunities to learn, grow, and heal with us here

Meet Michael

Hypnotherapist and Educator

I'm a Hypnotherapist, Holistic Mental Health Advocate, and teacher of Hypnotherapy and Kundalini Yoga. Since 2014 I spend my time traveling between San Francisco, Toronto and Puerto Vallarta and I bring 24 years of experience in holistic health, meditation, and alternative healing practices to my work here and across North America and Europe. I incorporate the most effective mind-body healing approaches from around the world to support, enrich, and deepen my clients’ results. I have an intuitive and deeply holistic approach that empowers my clients to have the breakthroughs they have been looking for.

Success rates with Hypnotherapy

In the review article linked below, Dr Alfred A Barrios, PhD notes that the average success rate for hypnotherapy was 93% after an average of 6 sessions. This was compared to a 38% success rate after an average of 600 sessions for psychoanalysis and 72% after 22 sessions for behavior therapy.

Hypnosis has been endorsed by The American Psychological Association and The American Psychiatric Association.

Since 1995, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has recommended hypnosis as a treatment for anxiety, smoking cessation, and several medical conditions.

Along with all of our resources here, check out the Mayo Clinic and WebMD for their take on Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy too.

Emotional Well-being

Hypnosis is a powerful and direct approach to discovering and resolving the root causes of most life challenges. Our framework and methods allow you to access your inner wisdom and healing, often resulting in rapid, deep, and lasting relief.

Physical Wellbeing

Hypnotherapy harnesses the mind-body connection and thanks to research by well-respected medical institutions has been proven to be effective with a wide variety of conditions.

Job Burnout

Job burnout is a work-related stress — a state of physical or emotional exhaustion that also involves a sense of reduced accomplishment and loss of personal identity.  Hypnosis not only helps you reverse the burnout, it also helps you builds emotional resilience.

Personal Growth & Development

Hypnosis and self-hypnosis can open a whole new world of self-mastery and personal power. Learn how to manage your thoughts and to choose your emotional responses to life’s challenges. ​


Hypnosis has a proven track record with helping resolve the feelings associated with anxiety. Hypnotherapy meets you wherever you are. Regardless of the source of your anxiety, hypnosis can help bring you back to a sense of peace and calm. 

Stress Reduction

Hypnosis and self-hypnosis can open a whole new world of self-mastery and personal power. Learn how to manage your thoughts and to choose your emotional responses to life’s challenges. ​

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