We are committed to helping build healthy communities.  

Photo of Andrew Gentile and Michael Nolan of Toronto Hypnotherapy teaching Self Hypnosis at Upper Canda College

We are supporting and empowering youth.

By nurturing teens' emotional resilience and wisdom, we are helping build the elders of tomorrow today. We are excited to be continuing this building through our multi-year collaboration with the Horizons Program at Upper Canada College in Toronto, Canada teaching stress reduction, emotional intelligence and self-regulation skills to youth from priority neighbourhoods. 

Throughout the regular academic year at Upper Canada College we are working on these same skills through online classes with grades 8 through 12.

Michael Nolan and Andrew Gentile leading a sleep clinic at the Horizons Program. Upper Canada College, Toronto.

In the Territory of Nunavut we collaborate with non-profit organizations and governmental bodies to develop and teach holistic mental health approaches that are of benefit.

We are sharing skills through conversations.

We are in dialogue constantly learning, teaching, building networks of people committed to a holistic vision of healing for everyone everywhere.  This year again we are honoured to  be able to continue these conversations through our work with the Municipality of Cambridge Bay  and their Youth Enrichment Program. 


A group of teens taking part in the Youth Enrichment Camp in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut. (Kate Kyle/CBC)

Andrew Gentile of Toronto Hypnotherapy receiving award with Susan Aglukark and Arctic Rose Team

Andrew Gentile with Susan Aglukark and the Arctic Rose Foundation team receiving a 2020 Arctic Inspiration Prize.

We are serving other Leaders in fulfilling their vision.

Andrew Gentile serves as Holistic Mental Health Specialist for the Arctic Rose Foundation's Messy Book Program.  This program trains senior high school students as CALM (Community Artist Liaison and Mentor) Workers leading after school therapeutic arts programs in their home communities in the North. 

In February 2020, The ARF was awarded a grant from the Arctic Inspiration Prize to expand on its programming and services. 

Link and Logo For Eden Reforestation Project

We Plant Ten Trees for Every Session Our Clients Book with Us.

Global climate change creates psychological distress and anxiety about the future for so many in our community and across the planet. The health and well-being of our environment has a very strong and direct impact on everyone's mental health.

According to recent studies (and especially relevant for those of us living in big cities), even small increases in people’s exposure to air pollution are linked to significant rises in depression and anxiety, and higher rates of suicide. 

Photo of Nepalese woman watering saplings for eden reforestation project

For this reason, San Francisco Hypnotherapy, Toronto Hypnotherapy and Mandala Institute for Holistic Mental Health are super excited to partner with Eden Reforestation Project and support their goal to plant 500 million trees every year by 2025. 

Image of one of Eden reforestation projects's project sites near water.

Eden Reforestation Projects is a 501c3 non-profit whose mission is to provide fair wage employment to impoverished villagers as agents of global forest restoration. They employ local citizens to grow, plant, and guard to maturity native species forests on a massive scale, in areas of the world at profound risk of environmental devastation from deforestation. 

By 2025 their goal is to be planting a minimum of 500 million trees each year and to offer hope through the employment of tens of thousands of people in countries where extreme poverty is rampant.

We are proud to align with Eden and support their goal to lift people out of extreme poverty, and act as a model for environmental restoration and land management globally.

By working with us, you are helping to replenish native trees and help alleviate extreme poverty through our ‘employ to plant’ environmental partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects. Our goal is to plant hundreds of thousands of native trees in Madagascar, Haiti, and Nepal. These specific regions have been ravaged by illegal logging and clear cutting that have destroyed the natural ecosystem.

The deforestation resulting from illegal logging and clear cutting reduces the environment for animals and the reduction of rain-forests has been shown to have a direct connection to global warming. In addition to the impact trees and rain-forests have on the environment, they also have a direct impact on the people that rely on them.

The wages that are earned empower men and women who have been exposed to human trafficking, extreme poverty, or lived as refugees. They are able to support their families and work on small plot farms. Their job is very specific – reforest their nation. For every session you book with us, a donation is made, a donation that results in the planting of ten more trees.

Photo of Sri Lankan woman tending saplings for reforestation project